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Welcome to ecig24x7.com, the premier destination for e-cigarette enthusiasts, vaping professionals, and industry insiders. With a growing community of dedicated readers and a strong online presence, we offer an unparalleled platform for brands looking to connect with a targeted audience passionate about vaping.

Why Advertise with Us?

  • Targeted Reach: Our readers are vaping enthusiasts, retailers, and industry professionals. Your brand will be seen by the right audience.
  • High Engagement: Our content attracts a loyal and engaged readership that trusts our insights, reviews, and recommendations.
  • Flexible Options: We offer various banner ad sizes and placements to suit your marketing goals and budget.
  • Brand Alignment: Align your brand with a trusted source in the vaping industry and enhance your credibility.

Banner Ad Slots Available

  1. Homepage Header: Showcase your brand prominently on our homepage with a header banner ad.
  2. Sidebar Banners: Engage readers with eye-catching sidebar ads on blog posts and category pages.
  3. Footer Banners: A cost-effective option to maintain visibility across various pages on our site.
  4. Custom Placements: Talk to us about custom ad placements tailored to your specific needs.

Ad Specifications

  • Formats: JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Sizes: Standard IAB sizes (e.g., 728×90, 300×250, 160×600)
  • File Size: Maximum 150 KB
  • Animation: Allowed, but must comply with our guidelines
  • Linking: Direct links to your product page or landing page

Pricing & Packages

We offer competitive pricing and customizable packages to suit your advertising needs. Contact our advertising team for a detailed quote and special offers for long-term commitments.

How to Get Started

Ready to elevate your brand and reach a highly targeted audience? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Slot: Select the banner ad slot that aligns with your marketing goals.
  2. Prepare Your Ad: Ensure your ad meets our specifications and guidelines.
  3. Contact Us: Email our advertising team at [[email protected]] with your ad details and preferences.
  4. Launch Your Campaign: Once approved, your banner ad will go live on our site, connecting you with our vibrant community.

Contact Us

For inquiries, custom proposals, or further information, please contact our advertising team at [[email protected]] or call us at [Phone Number]. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your marketing goals.

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