WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Beard Vape No.32 120ml E-Juice


Flavor Profile : Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Bottle Size : 120ml

Nicotine Levels : 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

VG/PG Ratio : 70/30

Nicotine Type : Freebase

Dive into a world of indulgence with Beard Vape No.32, a premium e-juice that captures the essence of freshly baked cinnamon funnel cakes. Each puff transports you to a carnival, letting you savor the delightful blend of sweet and savory notes. Imagine biting into a warm cinnamon funnel cake, with its crispy exterior and soft inside, that’s the sensation No.32 promises.

Crafted with precision, No.32 offers a harmonious blend of cinnamon and funnel cake. The inhale is dominated by a soothing cinnamon touch, complemented by a subtle funnel cake undertone. As you exhale, the funnel cake flavor takes center stage, with the cinnamon gracefully playing a supporting role. Unlike many dessert-flavored e-liquids that can be overpowering, No.32 ensures a smooth throat hit, making it perfect for an all-day vape.

Whether you’re a dessert lover or someone looking for a unique vaping experience, Beard Vape No.32 is a must-try. Its authentic flavor, combined with top-notch quality, makes it a favorite among many.

Beard Vape No.32 120ml E-Juice Package Content:

  • 1x Beard Vape No.32 120ml E-Juice
Note: This product contains nicotine. Ensure you are of legal age in your jurisdiction before using. Nicotine is an addictive substance
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3 MG, 6 MG

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